I2C and SPI simultaneously?

I'm using a few sensors and a 7-segment display, some of which require I2C and others require SPI. They won't run together, which makes sense since I2C has no "chip select", but I'd really like to get them working. I've done research to no avail. I'm using:

MAX31855 Thermocouple Breakout (SPI)

MLX90614 IR temp sensor (I2C)

Adafruit 7 segment display (I2C)

I haven't been able to mix protocols. Anyone know how I could? Add a CS to the SPI board? I bought the breakouts to make it easier but could just as well make them myself, so we can talk on a transistor/logic level if we have to. Just trying to save time by not reinventing the wheel. I'm using a Yún and trying to allow this sensory system to transmit over wifi(i've got that part) but the bridge library is so huge(ughh...). Anyway, that's a topic for the Yún section. Thanks guys

i2c and spi aren't just different protocols like ftp and http, you can't mix and match them on the same wires.
Put the i2c devices on one bus, connected to the i2c pins on your yun.
Put the spi device on another bus connected to the spi pins.

You use Wire.read & Wire.write commands to talk to I2C devices.
You use SPI.transfer commands to talk to SPI devices.
Different IO pins, different hardware in the '328P.

I'm using a Yún

Then you've posted in the wrong section to start ...

The question was about the protocols not the board. Thanks for your help.

In this case define what your actual problem is. If you connect the I2C boards to the I2C pins on the Arduino, use the Wire library to talk to them, connect the SPI board to the SPI pins and use the SPI library to talk to it, there should be absolutely no problem. If you have one, please describe it.

I read an article a while back that said they could be connected on the same data bus no problem, which sounded odd to me but I tried it anyway. Looks like I'll have to redefine one of the data ports. Shouldn't be an issue. Thanks.