I2C display backpiece LED


Does anyone know if and how is it possible to turn off the red LED on the I2C module installed in an LCD display? This LED is always lit as long as the display is supplied.

I’ve enclosed a picture of a model identical to my own.

Thank you


Your photo does not seem to have any accessible resistors or solder-bridges.

So your only option is to cut the pcb trace or unsolder the LED. The LED serves no useful purpose. (after your backlight is tested)


Thanks David. That's what I thought as well. Just making sure I wasn't missing something.

This LED is always lit as long as the display is supplied.

What happens when you remove the jumper next to the LED?

If both the backlight and the LED go off then the LED could be in series with the backlight in which case David's solution will also disable the backlight.

In that case you will have to jumper across the LED or the former LED location if you have already removed it.

Maybe Bill has one of these boards in his collection and can give us a definitive answer.


The OP said it was always lit. So my money is on the LED connected directly to VCC. I presume its series resistor is on the underside of the pcb.

The removable jumper is in series with the switch transistor. Which also must be mounted on the underside. I would have expected all SMD components on one side. Much easier to assemble.

We will wait for Bill.


The LED is always lit. The jumper just disables the LCD backlight. I guess the LED is just a "power on" indication.