I2C without an MCU, I2C tutorial video.

I2C Bit-Banged without Microcontroller!

A nice walk into hardware land, with complete explanation of what is done: making an I2C EEPROM work using 2 push buttons. Time is even spent going over the necessaries on the EEPROM datasheet. Different aspects of pullups are discussed/shown.

It's very good for those of us who don't know a lot of electronics and probably a nice video to refer to I2C newbs. And no AVR's get harmed (or exploited) in this experiment!

Please, watch the video to get the views cranked up and don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you like it at all. This is our hobby and support of the good videos is to our benefit. I have the maker kdarrah1234 (not me) subscribed so it's easy to see his videos listed and for the support he gets.

It's an interesting idea, but the first eight minutes are excruciatingly slow going. I have no idea whether it gets better after that.

I expect that you already know I2C or have little interest in it.
If you’re not learning enough to keep interest up then it will be dead boring.

There are lots of electronics tutorial videos on YouTube. I just learned more on inductors and filters through Afrotechmods in 4 shorter, faster paced videos.

What gets me is that pseudo-science videos get more views, likes and subscribers than the real science/tech videos. It’s a nasty trend, IMO.
But now I’ve just -got- to find out if Niburu has moved from out past Pluto back to Earth orbit opposite from the Sun from Earth. You never know where it is from day to day, it just shoots around getting ready to destroy Earth.

I2C Bit-Banged without Microcontroller!

Is there a need for a bit-banged I2C implementation?

It's to show principles of how I2C works, and it's not speed dependent.

And I'd like to get more awareness of such videos.