ICSP header or the USB port to program Diecimila?

Simple question:

Do I use the ICSP header or the USB port to program the Arduino Diecimila?

What is the difference?

Thanks! -Migs

ICSP header allows you to directly programme the chip with all sorts of things including the boot loader.

The USB will allow you to down load a sketch once the boot loader is in place. If you buy the board it has a boot loader in place, if you make your own it does not.

Hi Mike:

Thanks for enlightening me. I have all weekend to do some breadboarding and learn some. Since I have the assembled board it should be easy then to go ahead and use the USB.
I also have the Serial+ICSP and a Serial to USB adapter. Would you recommend getting used to one way over the other?


Use the USB while you are learning the Arduino then, if you need to do something you can’t do with USB use the ICSP