if itspossible i can read temperature,pulse rate sensor without micro controller

i have project wirelessly vital sign monitoring blood pressure,respiratory rate,pulse rate,body temp can i do it with out micro controller via xbee only? or if does not possible what i need im sorry couz im beggineer in arduino and xbee thanks alot

The XBee has a built in microcontroller. It allows reading digital data and analog data from several pins. The data read from the pins is sent at whatever rate you specify. You will have to use API mode on the sender, and parse the packets on the receiver.

The XBee on the sender end can not be programmed to do anything with the data except send it. No conditioning. No waiting for peaks or valleys. Read and send. That's all.

you will learn that there are stages that have to happen in order to do things.

first, the real world. things change, the sun comes up, light hits the earth, things heat, heat is expansion. elements change phase things like that.

in our little corner, we need to have some 'thing' that can change because of those real world changes. dissimilar metals will expand and different rates, this expansion can be in the form of a spring that changes shape such as was used in mechanical thermostats. this same expansion can create a miniscule amount of energy, ergo a thermocouple.

in some cases, we put a thing there to change, then watch that thing. a mercury thermometer.

often, that change is almost imperceptible. you need yet another thing. then often want to convert that into and electronical signal. but that electronical signal has no value, you have to run equations on it.

a respiratory sensis is often a device that has a heated device. the power to heat that device is VERY accurately controls and monitored. the air passing removes heat, more power is needed to keep that temperature, you measure how much more power is needed, power is not linear to air flow, so you have to run calculations on power use,

I as hear you, you are saying you have almost no experience in software and only a little in hardware and almost none in sensors.

for your level, I would give yourself an education.

google respiratory arduino

in fact, put arduino after everything you google. then read as much as you can. you may find that it is already done.

I do hope you have great success with your project.