"If" statement does not properly handle certain conditions

"If" statement does not properly handle certain conditions

What type of variable is "TypeMode"?

Have you checked the lines just above the reported error to see if a mistake in one of them has caused this error further down?

Sometimes this means that you have put in or left out a '{' or '}'. make sure your brackets are in patched pairs.

The boolean type is used:

bool TypeMode = true;

I probably incorrectly described the problem. Sorry for my English.
There is no error in the code, everything works without problems. But this line is emphasized as an error because it does not recognize the command syntax.

Hi @HomeMade. Does the code compile without errors if you select Sketch > Verify/Compile from the Arduino IDE's menu (or use the :heavy_check_mark: button)?

As I wrote above, the code compiles without error and works fine. But the Arduino IDE underlines this line as containing an error. That is, there is no problem, but it is emphasized as a problem.

Sorry. I guess we posted our messages at the same time.

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