Ignition Timing Light

How would I go about constructing an Ignition Timing Light? I want to use a clamp style connection that slides over top of the spark plug wire then Illuminanted Led's when that particular spark plug wire is energized. I will be using arduino uno R3. How would one go about this, I feel it is fairly simple but I am new to arduino

I take it that putting the words "arduino timing light" into a I-net search thingy did not get any results?

You need to fire a high intensity bulb to make this work
. I can’t see why an Arduino is needed , it’s a basic electronics project.
TBH it’s probably far easier /cheaper to just buy a timing light .

Google has some ideas ; found this :

Traditional method is to use the voltage spike from the pickup to trigger a strobe light. Could probably be done with high intensity LEDs, and really no need for an arduino.