im a newbee with a huge project !!  Will need help

i have wrote up some basic questions about a 115 volt dc motor i have and about some ssr, These parts are all part of a project i started 10 years ago.
10 years ago i started build a corn stove for heating my home , it took about three months to build , at the time i used a 1/2 hp motor to drive my augar , and a idec timer to control on and off times , it works awsome , if its babysitted !! ( corn / pellets all burn difffrent depending on moisture and content ) i would often have to change on/off times, to control the heat .

I now have a 115vdc gearmotor , and have orderd a 125dv-c from dart ( variable dc driver) , along with a -56g ( isolated voltage input with auto/mannual switch.) and i have ordered the megga , and a few ssr .
What i need yet are some temp sensores ??? i need 3 , one to messure burn pot temp , one to messure forced air temp , and one for exhaust temp , co2 sensor , pressure sensor. any ideas ??

My goal is to have megga take in the info of temps and adjust feed rates of augr , along with controling ssr ( shaker motor on hopper ) and also as safty protocal if overtemps, co2 gas, ehaust backpressure , and im sure ther will be more !!


temp sensor for so high temperatures…
must recomend what the industry uses… Thermocouples
They are a bit expensive and need expensive amplifiers if they are to be relied upon within a degree or so, but they can handle exhaust temps. could mabye be used in amplifying the signal if doing it a bit more cheaply.
pressure sensors… (range from cheap to VERY pricy)


Thank you for your input. i have now the dc driver installed , using pot , with a dc meter installed to gather better data , friday night i will fire up stove and start documenting , dc voltage , burnner temps ( using a temp gun and also exhaust pipe temps ( surface temps on both , burner pot is steel , exh, is stainless steel) i should be able to get it fine tuned to get better data , after i have tht data i will start searching for the correct componets to read temps, .

burn pot temps run around 600f , from past temps at surface , exhaust temps are around 140f , further tunnig will tell more!

thanks again
How do i post pics???

How do i post pics???

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Usually furnace temp are mesured with thermocouples (just search “kiln thermocouple” on google, it is usually type K)
but you could get away with thermistors on exhaust mesurements as they can go to aprox. 200F
You might be able to mesure radiated heat from window in burn pot with thermistor, but you must then calibrate the readings using the temp gun to get a calibration curve.

You might also want to add a automotive LambdaProbe to the exhaust to mesure the completeness of the burning:


Would need to be a wideband.

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In addition to labda sensor, maybe you could use temperature sensors from a car.

corn stove

if this works ?? im going kick my self in the head , i feel like such a morrron!!

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I was using a CO2 sensor at school today, measuring absorb. propperties of different zeolites and their absorbtion rates. Must buy one of those :wink: the linearity was great from 5000 ppm to 2 ppm CO2.

Next month I will be using a NIR. Analysing petrol fractions and doing multivariation analysis, to be able to determine octane number of petrol blends just from simple NIR readings (part of my bachelor).
This I will definetly port to my arduino! :wink:
Few red and IR-leds and narrowband ir-filters and a photodetector, tubing, pump…
Then mesure the octane number of the petrol in my car :slight_smile:

hope this works

it wont work for me , ???