Impact and vibrations accelerometer

Hello guys,

for my project I want to measure the Impact forces and the ocurring vibrations in a hoof of a horse.
My research says that i need a Sensor with a range of about 200g but also with a sampling frequency higher than 1,5 kHz.

Has anybody of you an idea which sensor to use?
I don´t want to use piezo accelerometers, because of drift and the price.

Hopefully somebody is able to help me, thank you in advance

Is this attached to the hoof or embedded in the ground?

Do you have a reasonably patient horse who will stand still while you glue stuff to its feet? 5-minute epoxy really does need 5 minutes with no vibration.

The sensor will be placed on the lateral side of the hoof. The way it will be fixed is shown in the picture.

Acc. mounting.png

Cool. Start from the accelerometers guide on or or

Thank you for this recommendation, but I´ve already looked at these sites to find a suitable Sensor. The Sensor which fits my needs the best is the ADXL 377 with a range of +-200g, the maximum sampling frequency is 1,6kHz. I think 1.6kHz is the lowest sampling rate I can work with and it would be nice to get a higher frequency.

Do you know if there are other sensor with higher sampling rate or is a higher rate impossible due to physiks of the sensor?

If the sampling rate is limited by the physics of the capacitive effect the a-sensors uses then I can abort my search for a faster one

The strange thing about this sensor is that Sparkfun writes, that it is suitable for sampling rates of up to 1600Hz but in the datasheet it is just 1300Hz.

Has anybody experience with this sensor and can tell the max. frequency?