Impulse Response from Classical Music Record ?

Youtube have many recordings of Guarneri Quartet. They have Cello Viola and Violin. Sometimes they play a chord together. If I record from that sequane an 1 second cut , would that record works as impulse response ? And would it be musical ?


would that record works as impulse response ?

No, but it would act as an impulse.

An impulse response is something's response to receiving an impulse. For example in acoustics a room would have an impulse response, which is a measure of the amount of reverberation in a room. In a filter an impulse response will measure the amount of ringing in the filter.

A 1 second recording of something while it can be taken as an impulse, is a very poor one. Normally a rectangular stimulation is used because that contains an infinite number of harmonics and so tests all frequencies at the same time.

And would it be musical ?

It depends on how you define musical. It will certainly be more tuneful than some of the music I listen to. But then I do listen to some weird stuff.