INA219 with solar charger

Hello, I have an Adafruit INA219 and I want to connect it to the output of this solar charger LS0512R


This solar charger has 3 positions. One where the solar panel will be connected, one where the Sealed Lead Acid battery 12 Volts will be connected, and the last one, where the load will be connected. I want to connect the INA219 to the position of the load. Will this work? Can I connect the INA219 there?

Thank you.

Seems ok.

Just remember the INA219 is a high side sensor meaning positive supply feeds the Vin(positive) and the positive side of your load connects to Vin(negative).

Also the device needs 5V supply which you could get either from the Arduino or a down converter from your 12v battery and of course I2C connections to your Arduino.

You may need to load and run the "I2C scanner" program to verify the I2C address.

Video here.......