Include more directories for compiling

Hello :slight_smile:
in our company, we use different repositories for our code which results in different directories on the computer. Usually, we do not use Arduino but gcc and rake. However, there are some prototyping projects where we use the Arduino IDE and some parts of our code (from the repos).
Right now, we copy the needed header and source files manually into the Arduino project directory but we'd like to avoid this since this is a potential source of errors.
Is there anyway besides cloning all repos into the Arduino Lib directory to make the compiler find the repo folders?



You can use symlinks. This could be either into the libraries folder or into the src subfolder of the sketch folder (the contents of this folder is compiled recursively.

With Arduino CLI, you can specify additional libraries folders using the arduino-cli compile --libraries flag:
Note that this is the path to a folder containing libraries, not a path to a library itself.

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