inductive conductivity probe

Hello all,

my firts post.

i have a nice project what i can use for my work (graphic industry).
a inductive conductivity probe i want to let the uno do a readout and if it not the adjusted value the relay has to his work.... anyway....

my thing is 5 wires, +12V, -12V, GND, ND, PT100. i have a 24V powersuply, i know pt100 is temp and nd is for conductivity. but how do i have to make up a code to have a proper readout on my 16*2 LCD.

maby someone can help me :slight_smile:


Start by reading the datasheets and docs.

The PT 100 is to measure temperature. You need, as mentioned, the data sheet for your specific conductivity sensor. Solution temperature goes into your calculations of conductivity. Anyway the start is having the probe's data sheet.


a inductive conductivity probe

Type/part number?
Where to find the datasheet?