Infrared Receiver + ST7735 1.8" TFT LCD Display

I'd like to take a Infrared Receiver and a ST7735 1.8 TFT LCD Display to work together. The idea is for the Infrared Receiver to scan and track heat sources (input), process the information, and display (output) onto a 1.8" LCD color display. The idea would be similar to a pod mounted under the wing of a military jet, scan target aircraft or enemy fire on the ground and display the information to the pilot's interface. Any thoughts? I think the arduino uno is capable of a simple design where far input sources display green, close input sources display red, and somewhere in between display yellow. This would be an IR Imaging device.

You start the description talking about heat sources and then go on to identifying near and far. Unless you have military-level tech, you can only do one at a time. You can see heat sources (temperatures) or you can measure distance. The sensors to do those two tasks are very different.

If you're thinking of some kind of target-camera video then you should be aware that the Arduino doesn't have enough processing power for video.

However, the Panasonic Grid-Eye sensor is probably good enough for what you want and it's now available on a PCB from Adafruit. They have tutorials to show you how to hook it up to your Arduino. (They also have good LCD screens and good tutorials on those.)

good point. I am just concerned about temperature received from the IR Receiver.

Which IR device? Have you chosen one or need help choosing?

I was thinking my radio shack IR receiver diode. i should try something more advanced though. The Panasonic Grid EYE was pretty neat!