instalation for ubuntu problem

i got an arduino uno and tried to install the arduino software on ubuntu 10.04 lts but whenever i click on the arduino program it opens in open office and looks like this


APPDIR="$(dirname -- $(readlink -f -- "${0}") )"


for LIB in


export PATH="${APPDIR}/java/bin:${PATH}"


can anyone help me im new to arduino (and ubuntu)

when i put the program on desktop and click on it. it says that it is an executable text file and when i click on run the window dissaperes and nothing happens

It sounds like you are having a problem with auto-run. When I double click the 'arduino' file in Ubuntu it gives me the option to display, run, etc..., you may wish to look at your auto-run settings if you want to fix the problem of it automatically opening in OpenOffice. If you are familiar with the terminal you can open the program from there. Just follow this example.

//Install Java if you haven't already
sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

//If you already have the file extracted then you can skip this step. This will download and extract the 1.0.1 software for 64-bit Ubuntu
tar xf arduino-1.0.1-linux64.tgz

//You will need to 'cd' into the extracted arduino folder. I assume that you are following the previous step.
cd arduino-1.0.1/

//Now just execute the program

You can't copy or move that arduino shell script to your desktop. It depends on being in that directory. You can make a link to that shell script and move the link to your desktop. I use Nautilus to do that stuff.

@pluggy: Whew! That is a nice article, but it takes all that to install Arduino IDE with v10.04? With v11.10 it is:

  1. Select "Dash Home" on the toolbar.
  2. Search for "arduino".
  3. Select "install".

The repository version in 10.04 is hopelessly out of date and it wouldn't work with more recent boards like the Uno.

thx dengar, pluggy does that mean i have to get 10.10 to use an uno

I didn't investigate the repository version in 10.10. I'm on 12.04 now, making allowances for the entirely different interface, you can use a similar process to my tutorial for 12.04 and the latest 1.01 Arduino. I had to tweak the membership of the dialout group on 12.04 on my machine, which I didn't need on 10.04. I haven't even looked at what version of Arduino 12.04 installs by default.

ive upgraded to 12.04 and it still does the same thing

ive upgraded to 12.04 and it still does the same thing

Does the same what? Opens in Open Office? Doesn't run when you move/copy it to your desktop?

Did you install the Arduino IDE from the Ubuntu repository? I think it is still v0022. I don't use it, but it seems to install and set up everything correctly. I recommend that first. Then try downloading the current version from the Arduino website (v1.0.1).