Integrating a Accelerometer to function with a Window 7 PC?

Hello everyone,
this is my first post and I have never use Arduino. I am here to seek guidance on an idea of using a 3-axis accelerometer with a PC to execute a string a programs or do a random function. This is just a project for fun to see if I can do it and see if it will develop into something I can use and understand.

So the simplest thing i can think right now is putting an accelerometer in a cube. Depending on what side face the cube it will set of a series of editable scripts on the computer.

Example would be, a cube has 6 sides and will say the side facing down is the action one.
Side 1, causes all other windows to minimize and bring up your internet browser and media player.
Side 2, closes all previous windows, then opens up your Auto CAD program along with many folder of useful resources you may be using.
Side 3, causes a script to open a image box randomly on my monitor that displays a random picture in my photo's folder and then after a few second randomly moves and displays another photo or gif, endlessly repeating until I rotate the cube again. (Like a screen saver).

I know such actions could be done without an Accelerometer and with a click of an icon, but this is the whole point, I want to use an accelerometer in future projects (I think) and see what cool results i can make. But i'm not sure if Arduino and its software is something i should be using or if there is another type of software/hardware better suited for the job.

I was looking at this 3-Axis Accelerometer Module and Arduino is demonstrated to work with.


If you're asking primarily if what you wish to do is possible on an Arduino, the answer is yes certainly. I'll presume that you're familiar with programming the PC to respond to the commands. That being the case, if your cube were connected to the PC via USB, the Arduino can act as a HID device, pretend to be a keyboard, and send a different keystroke sequence for each side that's placed down.

Alternatively, you might connect to the PC via bluetooth, with a USB bluetooth dongle (say) on your PC doing the communications and your code receiving data via bluetooth and responding with the actions you need completed in Windows.

That's just two initial thoughts - and I only listed them here to illustrate that it is indeed possible.

All the best with your project,