Interfacing a Linear Actuator with the Arduino help

Hello, I am currently a freshman at WNEU and my group is creating a toilet that unclogs itself. To do this we are trying to interface a Linear Actuator, this one to be specific:

with our arduino. We are using the actuator to create suction in the pipes. I was wondering how i would go about (a) wiring this to the arduino, and (b) writing the code to make the actuator extend and retract in a short amount of time.

Here is a very useful link with coding and more information about the actuator:

Board type: Arduino Uno

You will need an H-bridge motor driver to control the actuator in extension and retraction. You need to find the stall current of the motor to be able to spec the motor driver. Connection to, and control by the Arduino will depend on the driver and hopefully should be specified by the driver manufacturer. You will need a power supply capable of supplying the rated current with some overhead. I would not think that PID would be useful for this situation unless the suction pressure needs to be precisely controlled.