interfacing ov2640

Hi, newbie with cameras here, bought this camera:

It does NOT have mosi or miso I/o.
It has a SCCB interface.
My question: How can I interface with an Arduino mega 2650?
Searched the web for a few days, lots of examples for the ov7670 but only a few for the ov2640, and then not even the same ov2640.
Some of the ov2640's have 20 pins,mine has 18 pins.
I also found this:

The ov7670 has two i/o pins, SIOC and SIOD.
Is it not the same as the SCL(SIOC) and SDA(SIOD) on the ov2640?
If so, then it gets a bit easier!
Thanks very much for info,nice to be able to ask when I get stuck!

Come on guys!!So many reads, not ONE reply??
Need some help, surely somebody knows something that can help??
I am totally stuck!!!!

Not sure there is some stuff out there, I googled and found some info -From this I think it can be used with an stm32f4 type processor boards and the Arduino IDE; the Mega is not going to be powerful enough.

BTW -stay cool, you cant afford to get excited with people on here, or you will get ignored

Get an ESP32-CAM module, it usually uses the ov2640.

Thanks guys, and yes, I apologize,should keep my cool!
It is just so damn frustrating!!!
I am still not completely clear why some cameras have a miso(master in slave out) and mosi(master out, slave in) i/o but others do not have them.
My one only has scl,sda,dclock and d0-d7 i/o.
Probably different way to get the data?

These Omnivision cameras usually have a serial channel for commands and an 8 bit bus for image data.