IoT Cloud connectivity via MKR ETH


Not sure if this is the right forum to seek advice on an alternate interface to Arduino IoT Cloud using MKR ETH shield (on MKR1000) instead of WiFi (as described in IoT Cloud - Getting Started - Arduino Project Hub). Please redirect or let me know.

The tutorial instantiates the WiFi connectivity with the following statements in separate sections of the sketch:

WiFiConnectionHandler ArduinoIoTPreferredConnection(SSID, PASS);


Naturally, this method works fine for MKR1000. However, I would like to leverage MKR ETH shield for this purpose. What are the equivalent statements for the MKR ETH shield? Also, which library should I include? The standard Ethernet library works fine with the MKR ETH shield for my local sketches.

What is the Ethernet library equivalent for WiFiConnectionHandler? I am assuming any entity instantiated by the Ethernet Connection Handler can be passed as a parameter to the ArduinoCloud.begin() method? Thanks.

Kind regarfs.

Ethernet is not supported