IOT Diabeties Monitoring Gadget : Questions on Sensors and Wireless Connections

Hi all :smiley:
This is my very first topic here :smiley:
Iam makiing an IOT gadget for diabetics for my graduation project.
The hardware part of the project will be a gadget (circuit is a combination of : the sensor(device) that read the blood rate + and the pen that injects the insulin depending on the reading of blood)
And the other part is the App that will recieve the reading from glucose/sweat sensor and tells you the amount of insulin you need to inject.I want to link the app with the gadget using the internet / wifi or bluetooth .

My question Here :

  • [Sensors] What's better to work with : glucose sensor or sweat sensor ? and how does that sweat sensor work in case of not having any sweat on my skin? do i need something like a coil that heats up whenever I need to run a test ? and does that sweat sensor actually work and give right values? or should I stick with the classic glucose sensor?

*in case of using glucose sensor; is there a way to test it without using actual blood ?

  • the feedback part ; I want the pen to send the reading of the insulin dosage that has been taken, mentioning if the dosage has been fully taken or not and the estimated time for the next dosage , like this product here :
  • if anyone opened the link ; what is the circuitry attached to that pen? and what type pf sensor used to measure if the dosage of insulin is fully taken or not? How do I get to know that?

-[WC] I understand that the best practice to link the hardware part with the app is via bluetooth and plz correct me if Iam wrong; what I wanna achieve is to make it an iot project, in other words to insert internet connectivity by any mean,but I still dont know where would that feature fits the best in this project, any ideas would be appreciated :smiley:

*I appologize if I wasnt clear enough or my questions were a bit naive :smiley: I've been working with arduino for a while but I havent actually done anything medically related before :smiley:
Thanks for Advance !

Rather than ask such medical questions on an Arduino forum, ask Google. I see many possible answers to such questions.