IoT MyAdmin - Open source web app for data upload and visualization

Hello everybody,

I have developed a responsive web app which makes very easy and private the data uploading process. I called it “IoT MyAdmin” in reference to the famous PHP MyAdmin which I used to manage the database.

I hosted it in a Hostinger free domain so please read first the “usage” lines in this post and, if something goes wrong, understand its limitations

Test IoT MyAdmin

It’s completely open source and I uploaded the whole code to GitHub

This is a project I made for college, so you can help me answering this 10 questions usability survey

IoT MyAdmin is a responsive web app designed to upload data to a MySQL database in a easy way from different devices. It was designed specially for Arduino projects, but data can be uploaded from different devices, other web sites or scripts, with a simple HTTP request. The code for data upload is in the web and it’s automatically generated for each device.

Furthermore, IoT MyAdmin has some tools to represent the uploaded data using different types of charts or maps.

This web app has also some tutorial pages to show you with details how it works. Three Arduino projects are also included. Two of them upload data to the web, one using a WiFi shield and the other one using an Adafruit FONA GSM/GPRS module.

The responsive design allows an easy and friendly navigation using different devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

First of all, you need to register your new user. You can use your real email or a fake one. There is not email confirmation process. By default a test user is registered, so you can log in as (be careful with the capital ‘P’). Please do not delete the devices already registered or next users will not see the data already uploaded.

Once you are logged in, a simple menu on the left side allows you to navigate between the different pages.

  • Home: Summarize content statistics
  • List: List of registered devices
    · Clicking on “Add Device” you can register new devices
    · Clicking on “Details” you can customize some device features and copy the custom Arduino code
    for data insertion
  • Last Logs: Shows a table with the last logs
  • Data Tables: Shows the data tables for each device
  • Charts: Represent device data with different charts
  • Maps: Represent uploaded coordinates from location devices using google maps
  • Tutorials: Some tutorials about how to use the web site and upload data
  • Arduino projects: Some Arduino projects. Two of them upload data using a WiFi Shield or a Adafruit
    FONA GSM/GPRS module

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each device has its own password, which is needed to change its features or upload data.
Two devices are registered by default. Both have the same password “password”.

For more details, follow the tutorials in the web.

Some screenshots

  • Devices List

  • Data Tables

  • Charts

  • Maps

It is the first released version, so I’m sure it has a lot of things to improve. Please, feel free to fork it and work on it and with it.

I hope it can help someone as it helps me with my projects.

Thank you,
Rafael Lopez

I got the following message when I clicked on register...

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '*' in /home/u283375230/public_html/IoTMyAdmin/includes/ on line 94

Edit - I then tried to register by populating the 2 fields with one of my real emails and got the same error.

Sorry, I deleted a debuging comment in the last second and I left the " */ "

Now it's fixed and it works for me

Looks nicely done, well done.

I guess you you might need to make it clear that it is a one way only service, from device to IoT MyAdmin, so that people understand its benefits and limitations. By one way I mean that a user is not able to have buttons or setpoints on the HTML page to send data back to the device.

Also, would be good to be clear and let the user know that it is a fixed template system, where they are not able to generate their own custom HTML.

Great for people who just want to visualise data in a quick and simple way.


Yes, this is what it is right now!! Uploading and visualization. But let's be positive.

Communication with Arduino is one of my next goals. It's easy to do customizing the HTTP response (now it returns basically a true) and using it on Arduino (now it only prints it). But I need to think a good way to add a customizable control panel for each device, with different controls, alerts and so on...

Now I'm looking for more projects which are designed to upload data to a web database, trying to take a bigger picture about what they need.

I started to work on this trying to build a free tool to work with your data in a completely private way, even in your localhost, but also having the possibility to use it with your group or making it public. Whatever you want.

So I think this first version is a good start point to find more collaborators, work on it a little bit and of course learn one from each other. It's funnier to work with others :))