iPhone-controlled RC Car without laptops?

Hi all,

For a school project, my friends and I are trying to figure out how to turn the iPhone into a RC car remote controller. Most of the projects I have seen so far route signals through a laptop. We want to do this without the laptops. One se up I have seen is this: http://ouch-ouch-ouch.blogspot.com/2008/09/ipod_18.html where two Xbee modules are attached to the iPhone and the car. My friend has suggested attaching Bluetooth to the car but I've heard iPhone Bluetooth is pretty crappy..

I'm a complete noob when it comes to arduino, xbee, etc... but it seems like an incredibly fun project to undertake. If anyone has any suggestion or feedback, it'd be much appreciated.

This has been done a couple of times, some of these implementations might help get you started http://hackedgadgets.com/2008/10/20/iphone-controlled-rc-car-using-an-arduino/

I would recommend using the OSC messaging protocol to send messges from the iphone to the arduino, as software is available in the app store for OSC, and a library is available for OSC on the arduino (it was on make.com front page the other day) which will make life much simpler

I thought about doing this at some point using a method others have implemented before iphone (via OSC) -> wifi -> wireless etherenet bridge on car -> ethernet shield -> arduino -> car servo's/motors. But then I thought of a cheaper way.

How about buying a remote control car, taking apart the remote control and hooking up the ardunio to that (maybe by replacing the potentiometers from the joysticks with a pwm signal from the arduino/ or replacing the potentiometers with SPI controlled digital potentiometers) then you wouldn't have to add anything to the car itself. You could then still use the iphone by going iphone osc app -> wifi -> wireless router -> ethernet shield -> arduino -> hacked apart RC remote

With the iphone 3.0 OS (already available for develeoper) you can use the bluetooth interface and implement your own protocols (as well as the Dock connetor). It should make hacking a lot easier. all you need is some bluetooth interface for your arduino. so either you pick the arduno BT or i hear that many people use the WiiMote to get cheap Bluetooth communication.

iPhone is limited to the exchanges with the outside world very much.
I think that there is only Wi-Fi connection under the present conditions.
(Serial is effective in JB…)

I controlled RC with the OSC application(iOSC) that I produced before.

iPhone(iOSC,not jailbrake) --OSCmassage(wifi)–> Wi-fi router --wifiOSCmassage(wifi)–> “WiPort --uart–> AVR”+RC car

WiPort converts Wi-Fi UDP data into serial data.
AVR parses serial data(OSCmassage) and controls RC car
There is not it through a PC by this project.
and,the communication between WiPort and AVR is uart signal.
I think that AVR is easily rearranged to Arduino.

However, I think that binary socket communication of TCP or UDP is simpler.

recotana dot com/iphone/iosc/en/instruction_movie#RC