IR540 - does any body need some?

So ive got a few projects on my plate at the moment, and I needed a few mosfets. Went to ebay, looked around, placed an order.

2 weeks later, they come in the mail and i throw together a testing circuit on my breadboard to make sure they work. About 2 hours later, i discover that they do in fact work, but i did not read the item description. They are standard mosfets, not logic level compatible. (doh!)

I ordered:

They are not logic level compatible (the need a full 10 volts to turn on, instead of the 5 or so that my arduino can supply)

So i have 10 IR540N's here that i can't easily use (still trying to think of a way to integrate them into my circuit without buying additional parts...)

If you need some / want some, i'll send them along to you for a very nominal price (PM me, we'll work something out)