Is Arduino the best option for this project?

I am looking to build a web controlled system for my whole house audio.

Audio Zones (Each zone powered by a Lepai LP-2020A+ amp):
-Back Yard
-Master Bedroom

Audio Sources
-DirecTV (Located in media closet with all this equipment)
-Possible Expansion 1
-Possible Expansion 2

I would like to control this system from an iPhone web-browser. To control the following features:
-Turn Zones on/off (perhaps a relay to power source for the LP-2020A+ Amps?)
-Control audio source (All zones would play the same source to keep this part simple - Relays as well?)
-Control volume level for each zone (something along these lines: The Arduino Controlled, Phone Operated, House Wide Audio System (Part 2) - Home Automation - Arduino Forum It looks like I could use two of the PT2258s to control 4 zones.)

Thank you for any advice in this project, I will be happy to provide further detail or clarification to my project requirements.

I'd say yes!

But, count the number of relays you need to control because you may need some multiplexing to increase the number of things you can control. It's very common to use serial output and a shift register for multiple on/off outputs. (I've got a sound activated lighting effect where I individually control 48 LEDs with 3 Arduino output-pins.)

There is a Wi-Fi Shield (add-on board), but a web page could eat-up quite a bit of memory, so you may also need some memory expansion.

If you are considering a WiFi shield I suggest you consider a Yun before you part with your money. The Yun has a LOT more capability.

If all you want to do is switch things on or off then an Arduino (e.g. Yun) and relays would be practicable.

I am not familiar with audio capabilities but I suspect you could have a much richer control system using a PC, or maybe a Raspberry Pi - or a few PIs.


I am currently toying with an UNO board with the Ethernet shield and SD card for my testing so far.

The Yun also includes an Ethernet connector.