Is it possible to make a PS3 USB controller using Arduino?

I wanted to ask if it's possible to make an analog game controller to use on the PS3 console (via USB) using an Arduino?

For my first Arduino project, I used a Leonardo to connect my Sega arcade IR guns to a Windows PC and have it output as an absolute mouse or an analog joystick.

It worked really well with a gun from a House of the Dead 4 arcade cab. Now I'd like to use my arcade guns with my PS3.

I was able to make the arcade guns output as a PS3 6 axis controller using a Titan One from Console Tuner but the PS3 version of HOD4 only offers relative positioning when using the left analog thumbstick on a six axis controller. To get the absolute positioning I need for my arcade guns, the Arduino would have to be seen by the PS3 as a PS3 Eye camera plus a PS Move controller.

So... Is it possible to make an Arduino output a USB protocol that a PS3 would recognize? If so, would it be possible to convert analog controls to output like a PS3 Eye motion camera?

I'm having trouble researching this as all the search result are instructions to use a PS3 controller for other devices instead of making a PS3 controller using an Arduino....