Is it possible to read/write flash memory of board STM32F407 using Arduino IDE

Hi Friends,

I have bought a STM32F407 development board which supports Arduino IDE.
I have one problem! For my project, I need to store some parameters to STM32F407's flash memory (I don't want to use external memory for reduce the cost), but I could not find a method to do write data and read data...
For Arduino Board, we may use EEPROM methods, but seems it doesn't support for my board...

Could you please help me to find a good solution?



The stm32f407 doesn’t appear to have any eeprom, and it look like it doesn’t currently have any support from the eeprom emulation Library, which provides some of those functions using the flash. The chip is certainly capable of writing its own flash, but you may have to figure out the details yourself.

Maybe you should ask your question over at the Arduino for stm32 forum. They specialise in STM32 chips.