Is Serial faster in Micro than Uno?

Hello everyone,
I was trying to evaluate the speed of communication from Arduino to pc, using this code in Arduino:

void setup() {

void loop() {
  Serial.println("Ciao Arduino");

and this in Python:

import time, serial

arduino = serial.Serial('/dev/cu.usbmodem1421', 250000)

count = 0
start = time.time()
while True:
   a = arduino.readline()
   print a
   count = count+1
   time1 = time.time()
   if time1-start >1 :
      print "--" + str(count)
      print a
      count = 0

Wich print out how many readline() it managed to do to evaluate the speed.
And I realized that Arduino Uno makes(at 400’000 baudrate or more) 2855 readline(), while the Micro achieved like 20’000.
I have learned that Micro baudrate is not “selectable” and it works always at the same speed; So, will it be better in my project that requires high speed for data from arduino to pc? Arduino Due would be an even better choice?
Thank you

The Arduinos that use the 32U4 MCU (such as the micro) always use the full USB speed for communication so are significantly faster than an Uno or Mega. I think this came in with IDE 1.5.x

You should be aware that USB performs poorly for small chunks of data because it has something like 1 millisec latency between messages. That will be true for an Uno or a Micro. IIRC the USB packet size is 64 bytes.

The Uno or Mega should work reliably at 500,000 baud or 1,000,000 baud if the PC program can accept that (the Arduino IDE has a max of 115200).

I don't have a DUE, but if it uses USB2 then I can't see how it would be better than a Micro.