Is this feasible?

I thought up a cool idea for something I could make with Arduinos, but before I rush out and spend a lot of money, a sanity check from some people with experience using the Ardunio would be helpful.

I want to create a remote control lighting controller using DMX so that I can turn lights on and off from the top of a ladder or such. For my project, I'll likely need two Arduinos. The first one will have a DMX shield and a wireless receiver of some sorts. The second one will have the buttons/knobs and the LCD display so that I can see what I'm doing, as well as a wireless transmitter.

Can someone confirm that this is possible and the likelyhood that I will run into serious problems? I don't want to get halfway through this only to find that I run out of memory or pins.

I planning on using this DMX shield.

If you want me to clarify anything, just ask.

If $$$ is an issue, get an X10 plugin light switch and remote control. Cheap and easy.

The whole point of this is to make a small, portable remote control for controlling an already existing DMX system (an entire rack of dimmers), not a way to control one light.

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