Is This Project Feasible?

I am new to working with electronics and I would like to have some advise on whether it is possible to do the project I am working on. I want to connect a velostat pressure sensor and a small air pump to a computer. I would like the pressure system to activate the system and then have separate programming to control the air pump. The pressure sensor will essentially be an on switch. How can I go about creating this system?

That should be possible.

What experience of Arduino programming do you have?

If you are new to Arduino I suggest you get an Uno and learn the basics. There are many example programs that come with the Arduino IDE (the programming system) and there are many online Tutorials.

How is the air-pump controlled - perhaps with a relay to turn the motor on and off?
What voltage does the pump motor work at?


I don't have any Arduino programming experience.

My idea is to have pressure registered by the pressure sensor to activate a program on the computer to tell the pump to pump air for a certain amount of time. I am confused on how to connect the parts together in order to achieve this. Should the pressure sensor connect the power source, the pump, or to the computer?

Put simply, the pressure switch can be connected to the Arduino via a digital input, and to ground so that when the switch closes, Arduino sees a LOW. The pump motor can be controlled by a digital output connected to a transistor or relay switch. The code will look for a logic LOW on the input, then switch on a logic output to drive the pump. But you will want something to decide when to turn the pump off.

If you tell us a bit more we can add some detail for you.