Issue with futaba servos

Hi,I’m new here and I’m running into some problems with my futaba servos on my arduino Duemanilove.I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this before.

My project is a robot I made from stuff left over from other projects, so not all of the servos are the same model. Theservos are futaba s3003 and s3004.For some reason the s3003s lock up when I turn the arduino on.if you’re wondering, I’m using the potentiometer example and the Mega Servo library.
I’ve gotten all of the servos to work together on my PIC 16f84a for a different circuit, but to do so I had to put all the servos on a separate port from the input (which for this much different circuit, happened to be a pair of photocells.)
I looked at a pin diagram of the atmega 328, but I really don’t know enough to make heads or tails of it.Can anyone help me out?

even one S3003 can draw more current than you can get from an Arduino board. Try powering the servo(s) from an external supply (don’t forget to connect the grounds together)

If you are using the distributed servo library, you must use pins 9 and 10. The library here can use any pins:

have fun!

And may the constantly restarting of Arduino during the operations with servos be also because of current consumptions?