issues trying to control servos using flex sensors

Hey, I am trying to build a prop hand, but I am having some issues controlling five servo motors using five flex sensors. I just started learning about Arduino and basic electronics a couple of weeks ago, so I’m still not sure how a lot of it works at this point. I started with one servo using a flex sensor and was able to make that work, then I tried expanding on that set up for five flex sensors and servos, but the servos are unresponsive. They seem to be making a low buzzing sound when I turn on the Arduino and the flex sensors show no changes in the serial monitor when I bend them. Ive tried searching the internet for a solution, I’ve tried a variety of codes and circuit arrangements for this setup, but they all yield the same result. I’ve tested each servo individually with each flex sensor and they all work, just not all at once. Ive tried powering the servos from the Arduinos 5V(which I read was fine considering these servos operate around 4.8V), but Ive also tried to power them separately using a 4 AA battery pack(still didn’t work). I am using the Arduino UNO rev3, five 2.2’’ flex sensors, five 220 ohm resistors, one Tower Pro SG90 micro servo and four Turnigy TG9e micro servos. Any help or explanations as to what I did wrong or should do and why(I’m very interested in learning about all of this) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here is the code I have running at the moment:

#include <Servo.h>     

Servo servo_thumb;      
Servo servo_index;
Servo servo_middle;
Servo servo_ring;
Servo servo_pinky;

const int flexpin_thumb = A0;
const int flexpin_index = A1;
const int flexpin_middle = A2;
const int flexpin_ring = A3;
const int flexpin_pinky = A4;

void setup() 

void loop()
  int flexposition_thumb;    
  int flexposition_index;
  int flexposition_middle;
  int flexposition_ring;
  int flexposition_pinky;
  int servoposition_thumb;   
  int servoposition_index;
  int servoposition_middle;
  int servoposition_ring;
  int servoposition_pinky;
  flexposition_thumb = analogRead(flexpin_thumb);
  flexposition_index = analogRead(flexpin_index);
  flexposition_middle = analogRead(flexpin_middle);
  flexposition_ring = analogRead(flexpin_ring);
  flexposition_pinky = analogRead(flexpin_pinky);
  servoposition_thumb = map(flexposition_thumb, 745, 945, 0, 180);
  servoposition_thumb = constrain(servoposition_thumb, 0, 180);
  servoposition_index = map(flexposition_index, 745, 945, 0, 180);
  servoposition_index = constrain(servoposition_index, 0, 180);
  servoposition_middle = map(flexposition_middle, 745, 945, 0, 180);
  servoposition_middle = constrain(servoposition_middle, 0, 180);
  servoposition_ring = map(flexposition_ring, 745, 945, 0, 180);
  servoposition_ring = constrain(servoposition_ring, 0, 180);
  servoposition_pinky = map(flexposition_pinky, 745, 945, 0, 180);
  servoposition_pinky = constrain(servoposition_pinky, 0, 180);
  Serial.print("sensor_thumb: ");
  Serial.print("servo_thumb: ");
  Serial.print("sensor_idex: ");
  Serial.print("servo_index: ");

  Serial.print("sensor_middle: ");
  Serial.print("servo_middle: ");

  Serial.print("sensor_ring: ");
  Serial.print("servo_ring: ");

  Serial.print("sensor_pinky: ");
  Serial.print("servo_pinky: ");

I’ve attached a Fritzing diagram of the components. The diagram does not include an image of the battery (4AA pack) powering the servos

I only see one power connection to the servos, is that correct?

In the attached diagram, I have it set up to power the servos separately with a 6v battery pack sharing a common ground with the flex sensors and the Arduino, but the battery pack is not pictured there. I have the one black wire connecting the ground on both sides of the bread board. I have also tried just using the Arduino to power the servos by providing both ground and power(5v), but its not working that way either.

Looks like these pins are defined for 2 uses:
const int flexpin_middle = 2;
const int flexpin_ring = 3;
const int flexpin_pinky = 4;


If you're doing analogReads, maybe the 1st set should be A0, A1, etc?
flexposition_thumb = analogRead(flexpin_thumb);
flexposition_index = analogRead(flexpin_index);
flexposition_middle = analogRead(flexpin_middle);
flexposition_ring = analogRead(flexpin_ring);
flexposition_pinky = analogRead(flexpin_pinky);

Is 20mS (0.02S) enough time for the servo's to move? That's pretty quick.

I updated the analog pins as A0, A1, etc. and bumped up the delays to (40), but its still doing the same thing. The servos are still buzzing and everything is pretty much maxed out in the serial monitor(flex position 1023 servopostition 180). Occasionally one of the servos will just start moving from 0 to 180 when I power the whole thing up. Could it potentially be the 220ohm static resistors I'm using for the voltage divider?Sorry, Im new to all of this and still learning.