I Have designed an capacitive touch circuit board that I need to have made out of ITO. Does anyone know where I can get prototypes of ITO based PCB's? I've contacted every board house I can find in the USA and most do standard flex or rigid flex but not ITO. Cost isn't really an issue. I once worked for a company that purchased ITO button pads but their vendor no longer exists.

What is ITO?

ITO is Iridium Tin Oxide. It's is used in a deposition method to making transparent touch buttons and touch overlays. Think of the front touch screen of your smart phone or tablet.

Thanks. Best of luck on your search - sounds expensive.

Sorry you said ITO was iridium tin oxide, that is incorrect it is actual indium tin oxide. I my self am designing a clock and i wanted to create an e ink display but would need a circuit created out of ITO. If you have any insight into this area i would appreciate it.

I know Starflex, Inc., in Lowell, Massachusetts does ITO circuits.

Try alibaba.
This technology is used similarly in lcd and touchscreens.

For small one offs its likely to have prohibitive costs.

Custom touch and display can be had but it costs lots.