JayCar X4630 2.8" TFT LCD Sheild V3

I’ve been given one of these shields (https://www.jaycar.com.au/medias/sys_master/images/9288040972318/XC4630-dataSheetMain.pdf) to use for a work prototype project and its pin set up is killing me.

Im also using an Ardunio Mega 2560 R3 board.

I’ve down loaded Adafruit_gfx libraries and edited pins in some of them with success, as well as changing the identifier code (ID=0x9481) in MCUFRIEND libraries to ID=0x8230 to make them work.

I also ran some diagnositic programs to get some of the pin read outs.

so Touch pins are XP=8 YP=A3 XM=A2 and YM=9

The shield connects to the following pins

No Lable--------A5 No Lable--------0 ->(Rx0)
LCD_RST--------A4 No Lable--------1 ← (Tx0)
LCD_CS --------A3 LCD_D2 -------2
LCD_RS --------A2 LCD_D3 -------3
LCD_WR -------A1 LCD_D4 -------4
LCD_RD --------A0 LCD_D5 -------5
LCD_D6 -------6
No Lable--------Vin LCD_D7 -------2
No Lable--------GND LCD_D0--------8
5V---------------5V LCD_D1--------9
3.3V-------------3.3V SD_SS---------10
No Lable---------RESET SD_DI---------11

I need to use the the UTFT libraries (Rinky-Dink Electronics)
ive read the pdfs and this is what i edited

original: URTouch myTouch(6,5,4,3,2);

my edit: URTouch myTouch(13,A3,1,0,2);

I’m guessing on the 1,0 and 2 because I cant find any data sheets for the data_in, Data_out and pen interrupt pin (as I’m using a mega board). and it must be incorrect because I’m getting blank screen.
Current all the screen does after upload is flicker

Ive included my code as a .txt file

Touchbutton.txt (6.88 KB)

Go on. It is a regular Blue Mcufriend Shield with a UC8230 controller. You use Adafruit_Touchscreen for the Touch panel.

MCUFRIEND_kbv library does not support the UC8230 by default.
But it is fairly simple to edit MCUFRIEND_kbv.cpp and enable the UC8230 by removing two slash characters:
e.g. from

//#define SUPPORT_8230              //UC8230 +118 bytes


#define SUPPORT_8230              //UC8230 +118 bytes

Most Graphics programs use GFX style libraries e.g. MCUFRIEND_kbv
I don't think that any other libraries support UC8230
But several GFX style libraries support common controllers like ILI9341

UTFT programs can only use UTFT. UTFT has never supported UC8230.
URTouch does not support the Touch panel on your shield.


Thanks for that.

I realised after some more research the screen Iv'e been given isn't well supported and the data sheets from Jay car are awful past pin assignment. I even contacted the supplier and they had nothing else to offer me as they said the screen was for hobbies :roll_eyes: :frowning:

I've gotten my boss to order a TFT with a chip supported by the UTFT libraries.

I now can use this screen on other projects.