JP1, JP2 abbreviation confusion

This is probably such a noob question but I really could not find the answer anywhere else. I’m trying to build a project that came with instructions but I’m a beginner.

It would be awesome if someone could explain what JP1, JP2 stands for in the attachment I provided.

Thank you!

I have no idea about it. You can search sur Internet etui galaxy tab 3 10.1 housse galaxy tab 3 7

JP just means jumper. (ie, in this case, a bunch of pin sockets)

Hi math83,
JP stands for JUMPER! or sometimes an HEADER, these are sets of Male PINS (Square in profile) or female sockets. Headers are usually used to connect ribbon or similar cables to a board (The Arduino UNO has female headers, the NANO has Male). A Male Jumper is often used to connect or disconnect a signal or power, this usually has 2 or 3 pins, you use a shorting block (for want of a better word) to make the connection, without the block the circuit is open. The 3 pin option gives you the choice of sending the signal in 2 different directions, etc. Also useful for connecting sensors to Arduino…

They are often called dupont, cables, etc.

See attached;