Just playing arround with SMF 2.0.11

I have attached a screen cap of my forum welcome page. I have added quite a few mods, and therefore have a lot of features, some not shown on the screen cap.

the forum is localhost only though. only I can access it. but it is still fun to play with. who know, maybe deep in the future I will be able to fire up a nice Linux server, when I can afford it (the server, not Linux).

At any case, I have learned a lot about how to admin a forum, and SMF is quite powerful, from my view.


It is entirely your business how you play around with SMF.

However I suspect if you were really planning to use it to host a Forum it would be wise not to tamper with its code at all - just change the colours to suit your corporate identity.

And if it does not do what you want without tampering - well, there are several other Forum software products available.


travis_farmer: The mods are packages from the SMF website, so I wasn't actually tampering with the code, with the exception of fixing a bug left after I uninstalled an incompatible mod.

I guess I was not clear enough.

My comment was aimed at the Arduino Forum folk who are administering a large public system, not at anyone who is exploring for their own interest.

Keep going. You may soon know more about it than the Forum admins. :)


travis_farmer: I must say, @Robin2, when I first read your post, I thought you really had something against me for some reason.

I didn't. But I can see that I could have worded my Reply #3 less cryptically. Apologies.