Keyless entry with bluetooth and iphone


I want to create the following project.

I have an iphone that I connect to the arduino with bluetooth by entering an password on the iphone. I only want to do this one time. When I walk away I want to auto disconnect from the arduino. After that I get back in range and I want the iphone auto connecting to the arduino. So when it is auto connected I want that the arduino knows it is connected, so it can open an door for me. This will be an keyless entry system, without touching the iphone. Is this possible, and is there somekind of example for it?

Thanks. Jan Hein

sounds like you want an automatic cat door.

the RFID tag gets close, it is sensed, and then the magnet is activated.

in your case, you can stick the RFID tag to the iPhone and your i-phone becomes a key.

one alternative is to have a blootooth earbud that you can activate. once activated, it could signal the door to open.