Keypad library with multiplexer?


I’m building a midi step sequencer with 16 * 8 buttons with LEDS just for the steps.

At first I was thinking using 8 multiplexers (CD74HC4067 16 channel) but I just learnt about the Keypad library.
I think it could make the wiring a lot easier/cleaner with a matrix
Is there a way to make it work with a 16 channel multiplexer for the columns and 8 digital pins for the rows ?
If no, is there any better solution ?

On this project I also have 32 more buttons, 8 potentiometer, 40 RGB LEDS and 1 ILI9341 screen that’s why I’m bit short on I/Os.

Using a Teensy 4.1 for this project.

Thank you for your help !

Not a multiplexer.

Use a port expander.

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Oh nice ! First time I hear of a port expander (I’m kinda new in the arduino world)
Thank you very much Paul