Keypad & RFID drawer lock

So I have a hopefully simple project. I have a nightstand next to my bed and would like to be able to keep it locked unless I choose to open it.
I'm seeing if it's possible to use a arduino to see both a keypad combination OR a RFID input to control said lock. I know it's possible to have one or other and I've seen it setup to do both in sequence. I'm looking to choose either or freely to control.
Thanks for all input

It's certainly possible to have both RFID and a keypad with either one of the devices capable of unlocking a drawer.

"It's just a small matter of programming" as they say. I suggest learning to use one device at time and then combining the devices. If you get stuck combining the code, post what you've attempted and let us know what you want it to do and tell us what unexpected results you see.

Awesome. Thank you for the quick response and will do