KS0108 and openGLCD : code crashes/stalls

Hi all,

I'm facing a problem which i can't get rid of : my code randomly crashed/stalls due to the KS0108 LCD i plugged on.

Even when i try the GLCD Diagnostics of the openGLCD library, it can't even pass the 1 phase. And when it stalls, if i press reset, i can see this message on the serial port : "GLCD initialization Failed: BUSY wait Timeout (status code: 1)"

I double-checked my wiring. I don't know why i'm having this error/crashes/stalling problems ...

Thanks !

Stick to running the diag sketch until it is working as there is little point in running other code when the diags are not yet working.

So are you saying when you run the diag sketch you get no messages until after you press reset? Can you post the full diag output you get? It should display lots of additional information. Which Arduino board, which version of the IDE, and which version of openGLCD?

The message you are getting is because the the library is waiting for the GLCD to be ready by removing its "BUSY" status. The library waited much longer than it should take for the GLCD to be ready after power/reset and it never became ready for initialization commands. When this error occurs, it is due to a wiring error, unless the GLCD h/w is broken. The only cases of GLCD broken h/w that I've seen have been due to past wiring errors that fried something on the module.

Can you also post a clear photo of your setup that shows where all the wires are going, so I can take a look it. It needs it be clear enough that I could replicate everything you have from looking at your photo(s).

I'll also need a link to the datasheet for the glcd that you are using.

--- bill