Lantronix MatchPort for WiFi 802.11b/g News

Anyone else excited about this?:

Seems like it has relatively low cost potential, and could be quite interesting. I'm debating about getting one soon and was wondering if anyone else had seen these or is considering yet. I see it listed for $75 or so, but not stocked everywhere yet (like not stocked at yet). If I do the math of other means to talk to a PC and/or the Internet wirelessly with these kinds of features, I easily end up with a min. of about $60 not including the time I would waste trying to figure it all out.

Thanks, Josh

I've always thought Bluetooth was obscenely high priced, and this device reinforces that: for an initial price of US$76 (which should go down if folks start buying) you get 802.11b/g, where the cheapest Bluetooth device with a similar interface is US$60, and Bluetooth is far less capable than 802.11 in terms of range, bandwidth, interoperability, etc.

Well, who's gonna buy one and let us know how it works? :)


I am interested in a 802.11 connection to a mirco and have been comparing several different embedded wireless device servers.

iWiFi Socket Module from Connect One. Mouser - $105US

Lantronix MatchPort and WiPort. Mouser - $76US and $119US respectively.

From what I can see the Connect One has the most features, but the MatchPort might do.

You have to check this out (EddieB has created the MatchBoard)

He is building this, but I don't think it is complete or tested yet:

Arduino needs a MatchBoard. :)