Launching ide problem

I have just downloaded Arduino IDE 1.6.10 onto my computer (ubuntu 32 bit). I cannot launch the IDE -there is no icon - and nothing that I click will start it! I would be grateful for any help. Thanks.


There is no installation necessary on Linux.

1) Create a new directory and unzip IDE archive there 2) Run the script "arduino"

If you want an icon to launch the IDE you have to create it yourself [u]as[/u] [u]with any other Linux[/u] [u]program[/u].

How to in french and for a left handed : Click left

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Hello, thanks for your reply. I downloaded the program and extracted it to my desktop. When I click on a file called 'arduino' i get a page of script which starts:

!/usr/bin/env bash

APPDIR="$(dirname -- "$(readlink -f -- "${0}")" )"

for LIB in \ "$APPDIR"/java/lib/rt.jar \ "$APPDIR"/java/lib/tools.jar \ "$APPDIR"/lib/*.jar \

There is another file called 'arduino-builder' -This doesn't do anything. Thanks again! Tony. ;

You will have to make the script file (arduino) executable but changing the permissions of the file.

In a terminal window, navigate to the directory where your script is stored and type

sudo chmod 777 ./arduino

You might also be able to change the permissions by right-clicking the file and choose "properties" and then "permissions" and check the execute permission flags.