LCD dfrobot shield connection

Hi! I'm using one of the lcd keypad shields like in the link above and i want to connect it to my arduino uno with jumper wires. What pins do i need to connect?
I'm using jumper wires because I would like to use the other pins to connect to a DHT11.
I know it uses A0 to send data from the buttons

Go on. God invented Shields so that you have reliable known connections. You plug the Shield into your Uno as Nature intended.

The Shield in your link has header pins for easy connection to an external DHT11.


OK, well at least the shield you cite is the version 1.1 which corrects the nasty backlight control problem.

Strictly speaking however, the 10k for R8 and 4k7 for R7 values are a little high for saturation of Q1.

Yes, but my project includes connecting a 4 module relay as well. Where can I connect the DHT, the relay module and the shield?

The LCD Shield has male header pins for A1..A5 and for D2..D3 i.e. 7 spare pins
I guess that you need 4 pins for relays and 1 pin for the DHT11. Which leaves you 2 unused pins.

Thank you!
Further questions:
Can I connect the dht11 to Arduino digital pin 1?
What pins on the Arduino connect to the upper pins on the dfrobot shield? I see a line of holes above the pins above the screen. Where do they connect?

No, digital pins 0 and 1 are the serial interface through the USB chip.

Can I use A1... A5 pins for relay command?

Of course.

On the UNO, "analog" pins A1 to A5 are simply digital pins with one or two additional options such as analog measurement. A4 and A5 are also the I²C interface which is very useful so it is a good idea to reserve them for that purpose.

On the Nano, A6 and A7 are only analog inputs.

Thank you all for the answers!

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