LCD keypad shield capable of be used in an enclosu

Hello, I am looking for a LCD Keypad shield that is made to be used within an enclosure. That is, the keypad switches would be slightly higher than the face of the LCD. I have found shields from a couple of different suppliers, but the switch tops are ~ 8mm below the face of the LCD. I have looked at key extenders (Omron), but haven't found any 10 mm tall.

Thanks for and responses.

Your talking about one of these shields, right?

Button extenders can always be custom made to suit your needs. All you need is an 1/8" piece of acrylic rod and cut it to size. Alternately you could de-solder the buttons from the board and put them on a separate PCB with wires going back to there original location. Then the buttons can be placed wherever and however you want. Another option would be to build the shield yourself. Basically use a separate LCD with a few buttons. There isn't allot to the shield and it would be allot easier to incorporate it into an enclosure if you customize the layout yourself. Here is the schematic for the shield.

Thanks for your reply. Instead of being a student or hobbyist, I am using an Arduino board on a low volume real customer project using "billable hours". If there was another version of the shield for ~$20, it would be worth my time just to get those instead of cutting/sanding/gluing acrylic rod.

However, if that is what it takes, then it is a small price to pay considering how well the shield work otherwise.

Another option would be to piece this together yourself. You can get 2X16 LCDs for fairly cheap.

they have a $10 minimum order and processing time could be faster but at under $7 per display its a pretty good deal.

All that shield really is, is an LCD display plugged into a board with buttons. The buttons are easy to wire up and have placed on your own board. As you can see in the schematic i linked before the buttons tie into a single analog pin threw a series of resistors. Well 5 of them do while the 6th one is just an extension of the arduino's reset button.