LCD Keypad Shield LCD 1602, ATmega2560-16AU, and a I2C RTC DS1307 AT24C32 Real

hello, i am trying to get some things working together... LCD Keypad Shield LCD 1602, ATmega2560-16AU, and a sainsmart RTC DS1307 AT24C32 in the long run i am trying to automate my reef tank lights and fans, but for now i just need to find and learn the coding to get the time and clock working together. i have been running through libraries and sketches, but it seems no one has put these three things together, or they just didn't post on it cause it's so simple and so am i. i need to know how or where to find how to do it. please help with my headache.

Try searching for those items individually. Learn to code a separate sketch that works each of them - you'll likely be able to find examples easily enough. Once you've mastered that, try combining the sketches - shouldn't be particularly hard once you've done the prerequisites and you can get plenty of help here.

i can get them to work individually with the "tests", but not together. i haven't been able to find a sketch or library that works for all three to be able to display and set the time.

I agree. It’s YOUR project and others only did similar but not identical projects. Searching reef tank will bring up lots of posts you can read. You probably want a menu system on the shield to adjust parameters and a system to execute the plan (lights/fan/pump).

yes, it is My burden to bare, i am making baby steps, i don't want someone else to do the work for me, although help is Greatly appreciated. i just need to be able to set the clock from the display. i believe learning how to do that i can move forward with it. i am stuck till then. :(

Setting clock from the display requires two things to work together: sensing button pushes, and displaying numbers on screen.

I have some code but I wrote it for my phi-2 shield. Although it won't work on your shield, it should give you some idea how to do this:

The code requires supporting libraries stated in the description.

thanks, i tried, hours of trying, to no avail... i am going to have to piece together a sketch myself... or keep trying to find someone whom has put these three things into operation together successfully.... ANGORA IMPARO....