lcd with arduino (SOLVED)

Hey guys, I am trying to use a arduino uno with a 16*2 lcd display.

I have worked with led with a dedicated module so didnt have to go into much detail about irs connections.
Now I am trying to use a simpler module i had.

This one.

I was wondering how this can be connected to the arduino.
I tried to find out how the pins were connected using my multimeter but only 4 pins seems to be connected.

The website from which it was made seems to be deleted so coudlnt find any other information.

Hope someone could help me thanks!

I guess that the image did belong to a complete blog; if so, that should have some information.

You need to improve your google skills :wink: The first hit in a google for lcd that I got is Simple Labs Induino R3 Arduino Compatible Board - User Guide: LCD Interfacing - Working with the Simple Labs' LCD Shield which seems to contain sufficient information.

oh, sorry.

I actually tried to find the page but coudln't. Guess I wasn't using the proper key word.

Thanks a lot. That site contained all the info i needed.