led strobbing saving as a "pattern"

To clarify-
A) I have ( up to but not always ) 10 leds long and 4 rows high (in pairs of 2) that need to blink but each led is daisy-chained into each other using an I2C ( I don’t know much about it so a link to info would be nice please ) each led when alone and not connected to another has 2 zones as shown in the picture provided but when connected to another it becomes one zone. each led “zone” has 6 color options. EVERY unit needs to be able to be programmed individual of another. ex. led 12345 are blue flashing but on AUX 1 (a toggle switch) it makes unit 3 white steady. this is just an example but the concept is if you want to change something in real-time, a button press can do a programmable function.
i imagine it would look something like

IF button one == yes| then | do function | if else | no change

and being able to program “button one” though gui with a simple menu to menu option

what im looking for is advice on where to start? how can i do a 10x4 led blink while being able to modify each individual led at a whim

see attachment


your explanation is clear as mud to me, sorry...

I don't know much about it so a link to info would be nice please

if you don't know what you have, how can we know?

how can i do a 10x4 led blink while being able to modify each individual led at a whim

start by giving us details about your 10x4 array of LEDs.

the 4x10 is a maximum,the led "modules" contain 8 leds 4 on one side 4 on the other. each led is RGBAWir so there is 6 color options and 2 zones to change by them selfs as long as the units stay 1 long. how ever if they are connected x2+ long each led module flashes as a whole.

the led array will have to be programed into a control module that you can change in real time each layout and rearrange upon command.

basically theres a command module.
this command module has:
8 outputs for power and serial control each one can control up to 4hx10l array of leds (commonly only 1-2h x 6-10l)
8 aux(analog in) for adding switches
8 analog in for vehicle controls such as brake, reverse lights, door opening and horn, and signals and other assesories as triggers to trigger a new light arrangement
ex1, pressing the horn triggers all the lights to flash white momentarily.
ex2 a toggle switch triggers all the lights to go green.

also refering to not knowing much i was refering to not knowing much about I2C protocoll and its limitations.

the led units will be able to change color as they flash and take a "aux"

Do you have a link to those modules?

im making them but they are being dicussed in another forum
edit http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=441484.msg3052122#msg3052122

oinly modicacation is 8 not 9 leds per unit

The link you gave is to this thread :slight_smile:

OK - well you need to have a clear wiring diagram on how to control each LED or group of LED and what’s the role of I2C in this mix. Once that is clear then it’s just a matter of programming