LED table using Arduino & shift registers

I have an entire write up, pictures, video, and code at sites.google.com/site/aaroncrum

Check it out and give me feedback! This is my first major Arduino project, so be easy on me!

Thanks guys!

Very nicely done! What was the cover of top of the table?

yea looks pretty good considering the led density and the final result

course I know a little bit of that is the camera, but it seems very even so yea seconded on the "what surface material" question

This would be stunning using thr RGB LED's and a subtle flashing program

for the lazy people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MDC8h3vZOo

Novel use of a cough for the grand finale.

Yea, the noise and cough was my roommate coming in.

As for the light diffusion layers it goes like this:

aluminum foil
tissue strips covering the LEDS (very thin single ply)
Red cellophane
rice paper (the key ingredient)
frosted glass top.

The rice paper is a bit thick. In retrospect, I think using Vellum trace paper would have been a better choice.