Library for Sainsmart 240x128 GLCD with I2C/TTL connection


I have purchased the GLCD mentioned above and found here:

I can't seem to find any library for both the screen and the I2C/TTL module. Does anyone know of a way to get this working?

I have searched the web for solutions but can't find any :-/

The chips are:

I2C module: nuvoton

Screen: RAiO - RA6963L2NA 1344-N1

Hope someone can be helpful :slight_smile:


Guys, I have the same problem.

I wanted to learn graphic LCDs, and bought this module:
"SainSmart 240X128 TTL Serial Matrix Graphic LCD Display Module Blue"

and cannot find any library for Arduino IDE to manage it - how to draw, to write text.

I2C bus controller is already soldered to this LCD module, so I have no choice but to connect it through I2C. It is said on the website: "Controller IC: T6963C or equal". I see that on the board I2C controller is Nuvoton M0517LBN (ARM). What is quite strange: I have launched I2C scanner to know the address, it says nothing is connected, no I2C device... May be I2C clocks are working on a different rates...

I downloaded U8glib.h, but there is only code for direct connection, not through I2C, as I understood:

Can you guys please help me, and show the link, where one can download a library and an examples, how to use it? Seems I read everything, but cannot find the working answer... :frowning:
And also how to connect the module right (I used standard I2C connection: +5V, SDA, SCL, Ground).

Thank you very much in advance,

Look carefully at the adapter board. It probably defaults to being UART rather than I2C. That is what the photo implies.

At a guess, the UART mode will just receive characters at 9600 baud. Try it and see.
e.g. set up a SoftSerial class. Connect the Softserial (TXD) to RX on the adapter. Then write some text.

Of course there will be a set of “escape sequences” to control the display.
I have no idea what they might be. Google for other “Serial Displays”

If you find out what the “escape sequences” are that work with the UART interface, change the adapter settings for I2C, scan for the I2C address, send the same stuff with <Wire.h> instead of <Serial.h>

Pure speculation. If the adapter is already configured for I2C, my suggestion is useless.

In an ideal world, Sainsmart would provide you with some documentation. Have you tried emailing them?

Or there is another owner out there. Who can give you advice.



Thank you for your response.

I tried UART in both Tx mode of Arduino (Serial.write and Serial.print), and in SoftwareSerial mode (created SoftwareSerial class, used digital ports Tx and Rx, used pins 4 and 5 of Arduino Uno).

I tried all speeds of communication from 300 bod to 250000 bod on both modes.

Tried DigoleSerial, SerialGraphicLCD, Serial.h and U8glib libraries.

Tried again to connect back to SDA and SCL pins, used Wire.h library, scanned I2C address, no result: "No I2C device found".

Cannot hack this damn screen, obviuosly I am doing something wrong.

ALL, please advise more how to, let's challenge this, where are you, Arduino hackers? :)))

My Best Regards,

Have you emailed your supplier? Or Sainsmart?

I know this sounds rather simple. Have you identified the hardware configuration resistors?
Have you actually changed them?

Regarding GLCD monochrome displays. The ST7920 displays can be driven by SPI and have lots of library support (and are cheap). Or can be driven by the I2C adapters used for regular HD44780 16x2. It will be incredibly slow with the I2C adapter

Other displays that have an onboard CPU are available. e.g. Digole
They are probably better documented.


The Support mail me,
Normal is the code simple

0101 1. Zeile + Spalte
0201 2. Zeile + Spalte
0088 Cls code

for Arduino must be include Serial and string.

Software serial multple serial test

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <string.h>

void setup()
// Open serial communications and wait for port to open:
while (!Serial) {
; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for Leonardo only
// Start each software serial port;

void loop()
unsigned char sta,stb,stx,sty,stlong;
unsigned char i;
unsigned char sttab0[30] ;

while (Serial.available() > 0)
sttab0 = char(;
_ //Serial.write(sttab0*);_

* if(i)*
* {*
* // Serial1.write(i);*
* /////////////////////////////////////////////////////*
* sta = 0x8A;*
* stb = 0XA8;*
* if((sttab0[0]==‘0’)&&(sttab0[1]==‘0’)&&(sttab0[2]==‘8’)&&(sttab0[3]==‘8’))*
* {*
* Serial1.write(sta);*
* Serial1.write(stb);*
* Serial1.write(0xFF);*
* Serial1.write(0XFF);*
* }*
* else*
* {*
_ stx = (sttab0[0]-0x30)10 + (sttab0[1]-0x30) -1;
sty = (sttab0[2]-0x30)10 + (sttab0[3]-0x30) -1;_
stlong = i-4;//size(sttab);
* Serial1.write(sta);*
* Serial1.write(stb);*
* Serial1.write(stx);*
* Serial1.write(sty);*
* Serial1.write(stlong);*

* for(i=0; i< stlong; i++)*
* Serial1.write(sttab0[i+4]);*
* }*
* }*
* i=0;*
From Orgin…:))
best regats
sorry for my bad English

Good day guys!
Pls i am using same and exact sainsmart i2c attached with 240128A lcd. I have tried all the links on line but no result.
pls if anyone can help me with the library and if possible with the code too, it will be great. though i am connecting it to raspberry pi.
thank you all

The listing of mine, everything is included, which is part of the Arduino and GLCD240x128 sainsmart. Works with the old and the new Ide of arduino.
for RasperryPi you must because to think of something else. Is loving Serial Rs232 / TTL.
Best regards