Library for the official Arduino Motor Shield

Hi everyone

I have an arduino UNO and the official arduino motor shield. Does anyone have any idea if there is a library available for this shield? I am trying to build an obstacle avoiding robot and I am searching for an easy way to move it forward, define motor speed etc.

I saw Adafruit has a quite neat library for their motor shield that makes things quite easy, and I am looking for something similar for the official arduino motor shield. Of course I suppose that using the Adafruit's library with the arduino shield I have will simply not work, correct?

Any help/hints would be totally appreciated.


It might respond to the Arduino Robot library but that robot seems to be a bit of a clusterfuck so I would guess the answer might be "no."

Isn't it just as simple as doing a digitalWrite() to set direction and analogWrite() to set speed?

Hi MorganS

Yeah, I guess i'll do it the traditional way. Thanks!