Library problem ????

I am new to arduino, i have got a few basic programs working, not long been learning C++,
i am working with the arduino uno, and the RF24l01 transceiver, i believe i have all the latest libraries, and im working off the RF24Mesh_Example code link below:

only im getting compiller errors:

This is my code:

/** RF24Mesh_Example.ino by TMRh20

  • This example sketch shows how to manually configure a node via RF24Mesh, and send data to the
  • master node.
  • The nodes will refresh their network address as soon as a single write fails. This allows the
  • nodes to change position in relation to each other and the master node.

#include “RF24.h”
#include “RF24Network.h”
#include “RF24Mesh.h”
#include <SPI.h>
#include <EEPROM.h>
//#include <printf.h>
//#include “RF24Ethernet.h”
//#include <printf.h>
#include “nRF24L01.h”

/**** Configure the nrf24l01 CE and CS pins ****/
RF24 radio(7,8);
RF24Network network(radio);
RF24Mesh mesh(radio,network);


  • User Configuration: nodeID - A unique identifier for each radio. Allows addressing
  • to change dynamically with physical changes to the mesh.
  • In this example, configuration takes place below, prior to uploading the sketch to the device
  • A unique value from 1-255 must be configured for each node.
  • This will be stored in EEPROM on AVR devices, so remains persistent between further uploads, loss of power, etc.

#define nodeID 1

const uint16_t this_node = 1;

uint32_t displayTimer=0;

void setup() {

network.begin(/channel/ 90, /node address/ this_node);
// Set the nodeID manually
// Connect to the mesh
Serial.println(F(“Connecting to the mesh…”));

void loop() {


// Send to the master node every second
if(millis() - displayTimer >= 1000){
displayTimer = millis();

// Send an ‘M’ type message containing the current millis()

// If a write fails, check connectivity to the mesh network
if( ! mesh.checkConnection() ){
//refresh the network address
Serial.println(“Renewing Address”);
Serial.println(“Send fail, Test OK”);
Serial.print("Send OK: "); Serial.println(displayTimer);


These are my errors,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp: In member function ‘void RF24Network::begin(uint8_t, uint16_t)’:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:81: error: ‘class RF24’ has no member named ‘enableDynamicAck’
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp: In member function ‘bool RF24Network::write(uint16_t, uint8_t)’:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:897: error: ‘class RF24’ has no member named ‘txStandBy’
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp: In member function ‘bool RF24Network::write_to_pipe(uint16_t, uint8_t, bool)’:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:1004: error: ‘class RF24’ has no member named ‘writeFast’
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RF24Network\RF24Network.cpp:1008: error: ‘class RF24’ has no member named ‘txStandBy’

i dont know why im getting these, i have look over this forum and a few others, to no avail, and i dont know how to work what the errors mean, or why they are coming up, my assumption is out of date cpp file etc.

and i have the examples from these working:

Thank you for your help in advanced

Sounds like your RF24 and RF24Network libraries are not compatible with each other. Perhaps one or the other is an older version?

You'd probably have to upload (not just cut/paste into the editor....) ALL the files needed to do a build so someone here can try it.

Regards, Ray L.

These are what i have been following along with, if that helps

I can compile this sketch without any problem. You should set up your libraries with the newest ones from github. Especially the RF24 library comes in many different versions from various authors. Have a look at to see what is required and to get download links.

Regards Dieter U.

RF24Mesh_Example and RF24Mesh_Example_Master

The sketches compile fine but the run results are not ok. These 2 sketches seem not to communicate correctly. I have following setup: 2 Arduino Nano 328 wit nRF24L01+ in RF24Network_config.h following debug options enabled:



I get following serial output from RF24Mesh_Example_Master =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2015.02.01 16:52:14 0 MSH: Data already stored in EEPROM 0 network.avail 194 network.avail 194 network.avail 194 ...

The Master should receive and print millis from the slave instead it prints 194 which is

define NETWORK_POLL 194.

output from RF24Mesh_Example =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2015.02.01 16:51:48 0 MSH: Data already stored in EEPROM Connecting to the mesh... 14 MSH: Poll response > -64dbm 15 MSH: Got poll from level 0 17 MSH: Request address 76 MSH: No address response from level 0 270 MSH: No poll response from level 1 464 MSH: No poll response from level 2 658 MSH: No poll response from level 3 829 MSH: Poll response > -64dbm 830 MSH: Got poll from level 0 832 MSH: Request address ...

On Arduino the debug output is much more limited than on Pi. Is there a forum dedicated to this network/mesh software, I could not find one?

Dieter U.

thank you Dieterbb

i have not been able to find a forum dedicated to Mesh networking either, found a few good tutorials but nothing with explains fully how it all works, as i would like to help develop the classes(libraries), im slowly starting to understand them, and they do follow the same sort of methodology as php, but without the memory mapping etc.

Hi guys, the RF24Mesh layer is still in active development/testing, so the documentation etc. is a bit limited.

I haven’t really done an ‘official’ release yet, but it appears fairly stable at this point. For questions etc, feel free to post any general RF24 related questions here or in this thread I’ll do my best to assist, but it is free, open source software so development is my main priority.

For requests, enhancements or bug reporting see RF24Mesh-Issues

Dieterb: It looks from your post like the code is mostly working, and the device is requesting an address from the master. The only way a network poll should ever be returned is if multicast is disabled (via RF24Network_config.h ) or something is broken, and you probably would need to update both RF24Network_DEV and RF24Mesh if broken is the case. is the easiest probably.

The debug output also requires printf to be enabled on Arduino, see the RF24 examples for specifics, but you just have to #include <printf.h> and call printf_begin(); after Serial.begin

Hello guys.... I meet some problems , I set up with following steps from Youtube...

And here is my problems, I open debug message and Serial print out

7247 MSH: No poll response from level 2 8000 MSH: No poll response from level 3 8690 MSH: No poll response from level 0 10788 MSH: No poll response from level 1 11222 MSH: No poll response from level 2 me ~~~

Hi guys!
Sorry for my silly question.
RF24mesh library supports relaying data to the master node if the node has no direct connection with the master?
For example how here

Thank you!